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Blackest of them all

Now we all love a good smoky eye with depth dimension and just the correct amount of grundginess. All the celebrities from Kim Kardashian, J-lo, Queen B, Rhianna, Selena Gomez and many many more rock this look and it is the one look that never goes out of fashion. Whether it be a soft subtle smoky eye or a harsh black biker smoked eye it is the in thing and a signature look for many celebs, guaranteeing compliments and envy from your admirers. In this vast growing industry of makeup there are plenty eye shadows to help create such a show stopping look, from a large selection of branded names as well as the high street brands we are never too short of finding products to suit our preference. The key to any eye shadow look is all about finding the correct pigmented products that help to achieve a specific look. Personally have always been on the lookout for a really good Black eye shadow, when it comes to the texture, pigment and smoothness of the product and most of all the intensity of it. Off the top of my head a few black shades I have used in my career and still do have in my kit are MAC Carbon, Urban Decay Blackout, Motives Onyx, Sleek black, Inglot black and Dior galaxy but they never really satisfied my hunger for the ultimate black go to shade till I stumbled across this beauty. It has to be by the company Sugar Pill and the shade is called Bulletproof, I kid you not it’s the queen of all black eye shadows. The formula of Bulletproof is not only smooth, easily blendable, pigmented and amazingly easy to work with, it’s the first black shade I go to now ever since I purchased the item, the more I use it the more I am addicted and inclined to use that specific one. I am aware that everyone has their own opinion and preferences to certain brands and some are comfortable with using what they are familiar with but if you are in search for that shade which has that extra kick and dimension then Bullet proof is the one for you. As a makeup artist I have to cater for all my clients whom all have different criteria regarding their makeup look for specific functions, so if you are not into the glitzy sparkly eyes then fear not as this black product is a matt eye shadow, glitter and sparkle free. For you daring makeup lovers who love the heavy sparkly look u can achieve the intensity with this product and give it the jazz and the pow with a black silver or gold pigment or glitter dust on top ensuring you have the wow factor with the intensity and the shimmer from the top coat ensuring best of both worlds. Sugar pill products that I have used mostly are the eye shadows, I am totally obsessed with but it also gives me satisfaction of money well spent. I can never say enough good things for this product and for the amount of times I have used it, it still looks untouched giving me more product then the eye can visually see. My secret to any eye makeup look is all about depth and dimension specially if you love the smoky eye and this is one product you will not regret purchasing, the only downfall to getting your hands on Sugar Pill products is it has to be done online as the Uk drugstores and concession stores and branded stores do not sell this brand. So which ever eye look you choose to rock strong, subtle, smoky, grundgy or even a bridal eye look this is one bad boy that is a must have in every make up lovers goodie bag. This leaves my search for the blackest black eye shadow over, where my thirst for the perfect pigmented black shade is quenched leaving me with the contentment of knowing I have the blackest of them all


Senior Makeup Artist of Ashifa

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