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Magical Charlotte

Charlotte Tilbury… now that is a name that is bouncing around a lot in this industry recently.  For those aware of this brand will probably already be picturing the brand logo and product packaging as it is very elegant,stylish and tres chic.  There are many products under this brand and many of you are probably already familiar with certain goodies they supply, however the one product  that stood out to me as one of my recent purchases (for our lovely clients obviously) is the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, a luxurious multi tasking moisturiser.  A jar containing magical properties of anti ageing ingredients, moisture for a glowing complexion specially for dehydrated skin, SPF 15 for skin protection and properties that  stimulates collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles and  re plumping the skin.  The trinket basically has everything to fight  aging process on all fronts as well as giving lacklustre skin the look of a full 8 hour sleep.  Apart from all these glorious skin benefits what attracted me to this item was the fact that it has an infusion of rose hip oil and vitamin E which are essential ingredients for healthy skin and complexion.

I don’t know about my readers but i have this habit of smelling any product i purchase, from my detergent, shampoo,conditioner to my bleach and washing up liquid.  So first thing i did before purchasing was unscrew the lid and smell the cream.  It is white in color and the consistency is medium to thick and smelt almost floral but with a tinge of the clinical trait, the scent did not lure me instantly till i applied the potion on my hand and felt the texture.  It has the most amazing skin finish to touch, smooth, soft and velvety clean finish, masking over uneven skin surfaces.  All these amazing qualities aside CT Magic Cream is retailed around £70 for 50ml…. Lets be honest that is a jaw dropping amount for a cream, an indulgent for my make up kit indeed but an amazing essential to all the clients that walk through Ashifa Makeup Training Institute.  If your a make up junkie or a skin fanatic and want to over indulge and treat yourself then this product is the one for you to reap all the benefits contained in this gold lid textured glass jar.

At Ashifa this product is a hit with our brides, seeing as brides to be have a stressful week, sleepless nights, dehydrated skin and tired eyes a good skin primer is just the kick start they need to not only a long day ahead but for their make up to look flawless, dewy,  healthy and fully nourished.  The skin seeps the product in every so gently boosting the skin, allowing the foundation and concealer to glide on flawlessly with out the excess of the oily unwanted nature.  Yes every bride goes through a strict skin care regime towards the upcoming wedding week with facials, masks, eating habits change and water intake goes up drastically.  However we forget that as well as taking away facial impurities we also  remove the key elements our skin still requires to look healthy and nourished, so in this struggle of getting the balance between the good and the bad, this little chic jar of all the good is definitely a splurge in the right direction.  From time to time we all need an uplift, a feel good factor, a cheeky treat to reward ourselves and if it means your skin looks amazing with or with out make up then why not give this pot of gold a try?


Senior Makeup Artist of Team Ashifa

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