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As a makeup fanatic you are probably well aware of the sudden hype of the Anastasia Beverly Hill products, they are used by majority of the makeup artists, budding makeup lovers on social media sites and You tube gurus, intriguing the public of such products from this brand. Now all of you ladies probably agree when I say we never are blessed with the perfect eyebrows from length to thickness to the shape of them. This is where the beauty of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade comes into play. As a pomade user on my clients I can vouch to say that this product is definitely worth a buy, the texture of this formula is mousse type soft and fluffy and very light in consistency which makes the application effortless. It glides on to the eye brow blending in without any clumps making it easy to sculpt adhering to the hair leaving you with precisely carved brows that will not fade throughout the day. This smudge free product is also waterproof and a must have for oily skin and for humid climates. It leaves the overall makeup look flawless and complete and adds structure to the eyes leaving them eye catching. As a tip I will recommend that you keep the lid covered in between application to avoid the process of it drying up into motion. Available in eight shades to match every coloured eyebrow why not give it a try and have those perfect eye brows we all would love to be blessed with to help enhance our natural beauty. Be creative, be brave, be inspired.


Senior Makeup Artist of Ashifa

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